2021’s Best Personal Injury Podcasts

With the world becoming more integrated with technology, many people use apps to stay connected with the world. One of the most popular apps on mobile phones and tablets is the podcasting app. There are various podcasts about a wide range of subjects, from news and current events to fashion updates, animal topics, accounting and finance, and more. One topic that you might not be familiar with on podcasts is personal injury law. There is actually a large number of podcasts discussing the subject, and we will highlight some of them below. 


Law Girl Podcast


Hosted by Toronto-based Personal Injury Lawyer Jasmine Daya, this podcast dives into all things personal injury. She conducts multiple interviews with different guest speakers to break down the law and share stories. This podcast feels very relaxed and light-hearted; you almost feel as if you are in the room with them discussing the subject. Personal Injury is Jasmine’s passion, and you can hear it in the way her outgoing spirit shines through the show. She intends to educate the public about the ins and outs of personal injury, and she does precisely that. 


The Whaley Law Firm’s Podcast


Personal Injury claims can tend to be extremely complicated, oftentimes more complex than people assume they are going to be. If you or someone you know has been hurt and is considering filing a personal injury claim, this podcast can provide many answers to an expansive range of questions you might have. This podcast talks about injury claims and injury-related issues themselves. Some of the show’s examples are motorcycle wrecks, tractor-trailer collisions, automobile accidents, and other kinds of personal injury cases and claims. 


The Personal Injury Law Podcast


This podcast is here to explain everything you need or want to know about personal injury law. It delves into the details of the law, such as negligence concepts, specific negligence cases including premises liability and automobile incidents, as well as tricks and tactics that insurance companies use. The show also features interviews with various personal injury lawyers who deal with specific claims. This show is premium content for those who are in the midst of handling their own personal injury claim and are unsure about using a lawyer or even those who are simply interested in the law in general.