Things to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are personally injured, you should take specific steps to ensure an efficient healing process. As stated in an article on Sweeney Law Firm, finding the right lawyer to represent you is the most critical factor in a successful recovery. As you search for your perfect lawyer, make sure to consider certain aspects to vet out your options properly. 

Finding a personal injury lawyer for a serious lawsuit requires you to do some “homework.” Check out the lawyer’s peer reviews, and do not choose a lawyer based on ads alone. You can find these peer reviews on websites such as Superlawyers and The Best Lawyers in America. A promising sign is when lawyers are a part of legal organizations that specialize in representing injured people. Always ask the lawyer what percentage of his cases are referrals from other lawyers. Lawyers know their colleagues best and often have either taught them or been taught by them. The more cases referred to a specific lawyer, the more experienced and knowledgeable they likely will be. Be wary of lawyers who send “solicitation” letters to your home after an accident. Often, law firms who depend on solicitation letters to acquire cases operate on a high volume and quick turnover basis.

Take note that most lawyers should offer you a free consultation and not charge you until you have recovered. This practice is the standard in this specific industry, and you should avoid lawyers who do not adhere to this measure. Also, personal injury lawyers should never charge you if there is not a recovery. Make sure that the lawyer you choose has the staffing and financial resources to take on your case. Personal injury cases can be costly, and if the lawyer lacks proper funding, it can be extremely detrimental at the client’s expense.

Check out what kind of cases the lawyer handles daily. If you have a severe personal injury case, try to stick to a lawyer who often handles those cases instead of using a general practitioner who might not be very experienced in that specific area. Also, ask how long a lawyer has been handling personal injury cases. The contingency rates are usually different based on years of experience. For example, you should avoid lawyers who have been practicing for three years but charging the same rate as someone practicing for 25 years. In addition, be sure that your lawyer has tried personal injury cases in court. Sometimes cases can be handled outside of court, but depending on how serious your case is, you want your lawyer to be able to go to court and defend you properly if needed.