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Debunking Common Personal Injury Law Myths

There’s a great deal of information available online to help you understand personal injury claims, but there are also plenty of myths. Unfortunately, the time at which you need to seek an injury claim is not the time to try to determine fact from fiction. Before you do need to file this type of claim, […]

Changes to Labor Laws in 2021

2020 has seen the quick passage of multiple labor and employment laws that will go into effect starting January 1, 2021. For human resource departments all over the nation, there is a flurry of organization needed as departments get their companies up to speed. New laws will be covering pandemic relief measures and temporary I-9 verification changes, among others. The penalty for non complying with collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), employment laws, and safety regulations for workers brings with it a bunch of legal issues. Brand reputations can be affected, along with employee retention rates and satisfaction and morale in the workplace.

Relevant Evidence For Personal Injury Law Cases 

While filing an injury claim with an insurance company is undoubtedly complex, the situation becomes much more challenging if the request leads to a civil suit. Once negotiations fail, and you have to seek damages in a personal injury lawsuit, you will have to prove that you have suffered the damages you’re seeking compensation. Here […]